How we demonstrate our philosophy:

1)  The prices for many our services are published on our website for you to see and compare.  We do not claim to always be the lowest cost, but we always try to offer you above average service and below average fees.

2)  We do not charge hidden fees, such as "waste disposal fee", "blood collection fee", or "operating room fee".  These tactics are far too common and we believe that the practice is deceptive and hurts the trust and bond that is necessary for the long-term caring of your pet.

1)  All of our hospital forms are a single page - front and back.  We think it is needlessly complicated when hospitals give clients 3-4 pages of legal jargon whenever the hospital needs an authorization for a procedure.

2) All of our flea, tick, and heartworm medicines carry one simple price for each product, regardless of the size of your pet.  This also follows for routine surgeries such as spays and neuters. 
3) We don't use the common selling tactic of ending each charge with 0.99 cents.  Although it is likely not noticed by most clients - since practically every type of store does it - it's still a form of manipulation.  

1)  Our costs for basic services and medicines are at or below the average cost for hospitals in our area.  There may be times when you can find prescription medicines cheaper online - and if you do, we'll happily help you obtain them. 
2) The cost for most of our surgeries tends to be well below industry average.  We feel that clinics tend to charge unreasonably high fees when a pet has a much-needed surgery.  We perform the same surgeries in the same ways as other places, but we usually charge 1/2 as much.  We are able to do so because we perform a higher volume of these surgeries each week.  

3)  We partner with our vendors to offer discounts and coupons that are not offered from online pharmacies - many times making our products even cheaper than buying them off the internet.  Click here to see our current promotions.

4)  Many hospitals add additional fees such as IV catheter, blood work, elizabethan collar, go-home pain medicines, and other costs onto routine healthy patient surgeries and they don't leave it up for discussion for the client opt-out.  We believe that each client and pet are unique and each procedure should be tailored for each individual situation.   We do recommend the above mentioned services and are happy to discuss the benefits.  However, we also believe that by dogmatically requiring clients to opt into each service, the unintended consequence is that some pets are turned away due to costs and that more harm than good is done to the overall pet population.